Your Career Concierge.

We created this product to help people who want explore what their worth is in the marketplace.

Maybe you have been at a place for years and remain curious about other opportunities, or maybe actively thinking about changing scenery without having enough capacity but want to make a move. That is Shipjump.

It's all in the name, enabling people to jump ship without taking on the additional burden that job hunting can bring.

We can either give you say-so over jobs we apply to on your behalf. Or, if you want a completely automated route (where we do everything but the interview) then there's an option for you as well.

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Using Shipjump can give any person an opportunity they may not otherwise get--whether looking at their life in a different light entirely or just changing gears for a new adventure.

It doesn't stop there. Our end goal is to be a company that provides not just new opportunities, but also support you as you grow your careers.

We will have on-demand coaching and leadership development experts. Workshops and recorded courses. Career summits and peer to peer meetups.

ShipJump starts with getting you a job, but that's just the beginning of the value we want to bring to your life.

Welcome to ShipJump, a career concierge for people wanting more.