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We take all of the leg work out of pursuing your next amazing opportunity.






Up to 15 jobs per week


Help Center Support






Up to 50 jobs per week


Email Support


Resume refresh is included


24-hour turn around


Extra features

Head Hunter



100% Handsfree + Automated


Interview scheduler included


Career coaching included


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Resume Refresh

$499 per resume

Want a professional resume writer to give your it's best coat of paint?

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Cover Letter Power-Up

$299 per cover letter

Want your cover letter to get dosed with a super-powered serum?

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Interview Scheduler

$499 per role

We will set up everything for you. Just show up to the interviews.

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Job Negotiation Expert

$199 per role

Get a voice in your ear that helps you get everything you want from your job.

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Career Coach

$299 per role

Get support in leveling up your skills and knowing where to learn new ones.

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Mock Job Interviews

$199 per role

Feel a bit rusty? Well in our world, iron sharpens iron.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't afford these options?

We have the ability to leverage an ISA (income share agreement) with all of our plans. For the Passive it is 2.5% of the first year of salary, for Active it is 5%, and for Head Hunter it is 10%.

How do I downgrade or upgrade my plan?

Send an email to your career agent and they'll take care of everything you need (with receipts to verify your subscription has been updated).

How long will it take me to get a job?

We estimate that for HeadHunter - it will be 90 days or less. For active it will take less than six months. For passive it could take 3-6 months depending on how many jobs you send our way to apply for you.

What does "user dictated" mean?

It means that you will send us jobs that interest you, we'll apply on your behalf. We have a process to get you set-up, but it will be on you to share with us what you are looking for.

With passive it means filling out a form. For active, it can be as easy as sending us a text message or emailing us any job post that you want us to apply for.

Why would I use an add-on?

Add-ons are for our ShipJumpers who really want to put their best foot forward. With each one (you can mix and match them however you like) it gives you a better shot and getting a new opportunity that you are dreaming of.

You mention a career platform?

Yes! Our future goal is to build an all-around career platform, where you have on-demand coaches and experts, virtual workshops, and perks for being a part of the community. It will be open to the public (but obviously ShipJumpers will get a crazy discount).

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